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April 6, 2015




            It seems the high cost of medical treatment is leading many Americans to postpone exams and procedures. This is true not only of the uninsured, but it also includes those with medical insurance. According to the latest Gallup poll, one-third of those surveyed indicated they had put off getting medical treatment they or their family members need due to cost. This represents the highest reading recorded by Gallup since the poll was first taken in 2001. Much of the problem rests with high deductibles and copays. However, postponing needed medical treatment can end up costing patients more in the long run. If cost prevents needed treatment, choose a doctor or hospital on the lowest tier of a tiered provider network.


NOTE: Health insurance deductibles reset annually, which means that policyholders who have met their deductibles should try to schedule elective tests and procedures before their plans roll over into a new year. 


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