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Six HR Resolutions to Make - and Keep - in 2017 In the ever-changing world of HR compliance and best practices, it’s hard to keep up with what small companies should - and should not - be doing.  Here are six essential resolutions to help you avoid HR traps now, and into the New Year: 1. READ MORE >>

What You Need to Know about the New Pay Equity Act   On August 1st, 2016, Governor Baker signed the Pay Equity Act.  This Act prohibits employers from discrimination between genders in paying wages and other compensation for comparable work.   READ MORE >>

COVERING ERRORS AND OMISSIONS               We all make mistakes. Unfortunately, when businesses and professionals make mistakes, their aggrieved clients and patients are more likely to file lawsuits than accept an apology. READ MORE >>

  EVALUATING AUTO COVERAGE               In an effort to reduce their auto insurance premiums, many policyholders elect to raise their “collision” and “comprehensive” deductibles. READ MORE >>

When 1,000 American adults were recently asked some basic questions about auto insurance, the survey revealed a surprising degree of misinformation. To begin with, 44% of the respondents (and about 53% of millennials) wrongly believed that a vehicle’s color had an impact on its auto insurance rate. READ MORE >>

Investors concerned about outliving their money may be drawn to an investment vehicle known as a “longevity annuity.” Also known as a “deferred income annuity,” this investment requires a lump-sum payment in return for monthly lifetime income that begins at some future date. READ MORE >>

THE VALUE OF CYBER INSURANCE               Today’s business owners know that the biggest threats of theft that they face do not come from behind the point of a gun, but from a keyboard. READ MORE >>

FLOODS OF INTEREST               Homeowners with mortgages from federally regulated lenders need flood insurance if their properties rest within a flood hazard area. In these regions, there is a 25 percent chance of a flood occurring  during a 30-year mortgage timeframe. READ MORE >>

BUSINESS RENTER’S INSURANCE               Those renting the property on which they operate their small businesses will likely need “business renters insurance. READ MORE >>

THE COST OF REBUILDING                If a catastrophe were to render your home a total loss, your homeowners policy would pay up to the dwelling limit. If that amount is less than the cost to rebuild your home, you would be responsible for making up the difference. READ MORE >>

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